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Dear Editor,

It was brought to my attention that someone had already purchased the internet name domain “Ed McGuffie for Mayor.com.  When you go to this website it goes to my opponent’s website.

When thinking about the questions I used to use as a criminal investigator, such as who what when where and how?  Before answering these questions let’s explore the reasoning behind this act of underhanded desperation.  This city has progressed in the past 3 ½ years far more than the previous administration did in the years since our incorporation.  I’ll be expanding on our many accomplishments on my website and in newspaper articles coming soon.  It has been my goal to move this city forward with an ever watchful eye on your tax dollars coupled with the public service you deserve as Clay citizens and as I pledged to provide as your mayor.  If I had failed this city in any way then these things would have happened.  (1) My opponent would have ammunition to use against me and would not have to resort to buying my name (domain). (2) If I had failed in any way I would not sign up to continue a failed administration.  (3) My opponent would not have voted the same way I did on practically every vote that was taken.

Now back to the questions, who? – There is no one to blame but my opponent. What?  Buying my name (domain) may not be criminal but sure seems like devious desperation from someone who has no other way to turn.  When? This was done recently when it was probably discussed how desperate things looked for my opponent, and is this the Christian way?  Where? The internet is a place to attack where you might think you can remain anonymous but you can’t hide there.  How?  Via a campaign committee member that has ties to our Chamber of Commerce.

Shame on you Jeff and Charles!!!

 Mayor Ed McGuffie

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