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Pinson man victim of phone scam, police warn citizens to be alert

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department reported today that an 87-year-old man from Pinson was the victim of a telephone scam.
The Sheriff’s Department has not released the victim’s name at this time.
“(The victim) told deputies that he had received a telephone call from a man that identified himself as being a representative of the United States Embassy in Guadalajara, Mexico,” Sgt. Randy Christian said. “The caller informed the victim that his grandson had been arrested and was in jail in Mexico. He requested money be wired to post his bail. A second person then got on the call that sounded to the victim like his grandson. This person begged the victim not to tell anyone, including his mother. Two separate calls were made to the victim.”
The victim proceeded to wire $2,500 to Mexico. When the grandson’s mother contacted her son later, she discovered that, though he was in Mexico, he had not been arrested.
Christian said that there is little chance of the victim recovering his money.
“If you or a loved one should get a call like this, take down all the pertinent information and contact other members of your family,” Christian said. “Try to verify the story. If need be, contact local law enforcement for assistance. Never wire money to someone you cannot absolutely identify.”

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