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Clay Council to vote on the abatement of tornado-damaged houses

By Crystal McGough

The Clay City Council is expected to vote on a resolution at its regular council meeting Aug. 20 for the abatement and demolition of several houses in the city that were abandoned after the Jan. 23 tornado. The council passed a motion on Aug. 6 to create the abatement resolution.

“All these are due to the tornado damage,” Councilwoman Becky Johnson said. “The owners of all these properties have been notified by the city of this and when the resolution is done at our next meeting, then only the city council will be able to stop this.”

The properties listed for abatement are: 5741 Cherry Road, 5290 Balboa Avenue, 5410 Balboa Circle, 5291 Balboa Avenue, 5508 Spanish Trace, 5523 Spanish Trace, 5507 Desoto Circle, 5530 San Marcos Drive, 5118 Rick Drive, 5907 Marchester Circle and 6923 Pannell Road.

Clay Building Inspector and Public Works Director Lynn Burch said that once the resolution has passed, it will take 105 days to complete the abatements.

“(Homeowners) will get a letter after this to come and speak and show cause why we shouldn’t tear it down,” he said. “We’ve already sent letters to them about it, giving them a warning to do something. They haven’t done anything.”

The homeowners will have 15 days after the resolution passes to come and state their case to the council. They will have the opportunity to speak at the following council meeting on Sept. 3.

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