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Church of the Highlands no longer affiliated with Pitts’ Basement

Greg Garrison of The Birmigham News reported Saturday that the Church of the Highlands had parted company with Matt Pitt and the Basement at the end of 2011. The separation came well before Pitts’ felony arrest by Calera police for impersonating an officer in 2012.

According to Garrison’s report, that is why Highland staff members found it “odd” that Pitt would drop the church’s name in an interview with Garrison following his 2012 arrest. Highland pastor Chris Hodges said the two minitistries weren’t a “good fit.”  The felony arrest came when a motorist called 911 and said the driver of a vehicle was allegedly flashing blue lights on I-65 and pulling over vehicles.

A statement released by police said the caller stayed on the line with police officials and followed the white SUV until Calera police officers stopped Pitt and his campion, Ty Wilkerson, an on air personality with WDJC and youth minister with Summit Church of Birmingham. Wilkerson was not charged and has been accused of no wrong doing.  Pitt’s preliminary hearing has been postponed twice and is currently set for September 25 in Columbiana.

Garrison also reports that the Church of the Highland has developed a new youth ministry called Motion which drew 1600 young people for their first service on August 8. The new youth ministry focuses on dicipleship teaching, a direction that Hodges had tried to steer the Basement toward.

You can read the full story here.



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