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Clay resident arrested for online prostitution

A 25-year-old woman arrested for the second time in six months after she was allegedly using online platforms to solicit sexual acts.

Brandy Nicole Curtis, of Clay, was arrested after an operation  set up by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office investigating online prostitution revealed she was allegedly advertising herself to offer sex for pay, authorities say.

Curtis was booked into the Jefferson County Jail, and released after posting $3,000 bond, reports indicate.

The previous arrest was made in April, following an investigation set up by the department’s Vice and Narcotics Division, who were investigating online advertisements for prostitution.

Authorities allege that during the investigation,  Curtis was found to be advertising services on an “adult classifieds” website.

Reports released by the Sheriff’s Office say that during the first arrest in April, investigators contacted Curtis and arranged a meeting at a hotel. According to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department, when she arrived it was confirmed that she would engage in sex acts for money and was arrested for soliciting prostitution. Following this arrest, she was released after posting $300 bond.

Reports indicate  the second investigation in September led back to Curtis again, who was believed to be advertising herself online using the same websites as she did when she was arrested before.

This time, officials alledge clients were invited to come to her home in the 6800 block of Oak Leaf Lane in Clay, reports say.

Authorities say Curtis is believed to have posted online under the screen name, “Brooklyn.” This is the second time in six months she has been arrested for prostitution.




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