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Three important health questions for the new year

By Channing King

As we start a new year, what are some of your goals? If you’re like most Americans, you have set some health goals for 2013. Losing weight, eating healthier and exercising more are some of the most commonly set goals and are great to strive for. The problem, though, is that most never achieve those goals. Why is that? Why do so many fall short year after year? The answer may lie in some questions many have never thought to ask.

The first question, how is your neurological health? You could be failing to reach your goals because your central nervous system, the system that controls your body, is malfunctioning. If you have a problem in your neurological system, it could come from the peripheral part of your nervous system, the part that connects to muscles, tissues, and organs, or it could be an issue of brain fatigue. Brain fatigue is often directly related to stress. If this part of the nervous system is not rehabbed, it can affect memory, function in the body and future neurological diseases. Your neurological health sets the tone for your overall health.

The second question, how is your structural health? The nervous system is the only system in your body that is wrapped in a hard bone covering. God created it this way, I believe, because it needs to be protected. For many of you, because of stress and bad habits, these bones have shifted out of place, thus blocking function to some of the muscles and organs the nerves supply. This can lead to a variety of symptoms and malfunctions. Structural health is vital to you reaching your health potential this year.

Finally, how is your metabolic health? When I say metabolic health, I mean, how are your organs and glands functioning? In order to determine metabolic health, I recommend some type of natural functional lab and blood testing. Many people have had testing done and have been told they are normal but still have not reached their health goals. Sometimes, the reason for this is that not enough testing was done or the results were not evaluated functionally. Once you know where your metabolic health stands, you can look into natural alternatives to help you reach your health goals for 2013.

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