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Clay Elementary performs acts of kindness for tornado anniversary

By Gary Lloyd

A year later, Clay Elementary School students are still learning lessons from the Jan. 23, 2012, tornado.

Clay Elementary School
photo courtesy of Jefferson County Schools

The students last week began performing one act of kindness for a neighbor, family member or stranger. According to the school, students are celebrating the spirit of kindness and giving that was evident during the EF-3 tornado rather than remembering the storm as a tragedy.

About 50 families associated with the school were affected by the tornado.

Students last week received a cougar paw sticker and card. They were then to perform one act of kindness for someone and leave the cougar paw and card, letting them know they were blessed with an act of kindness as a reminder that “Clay cares.”

Each student at the school made a hand print by Wednesday. These colorful “helping hands” will be assembled into a rainbow that will stretch above the lunchroom doors as another reminder that the world is a better place by helping others.

Teachers have been asked to have their students do a writing assignment in class about how they used their cards.

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