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Severe weather preparedness sales tax holiday this weekend

By Gary Lloyd

The 2013 Severe Weather Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday is this weekend.

The holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. Feb. 22 and ends at midnight Feb. 24. The holiday gives shoppers to purchase certain severe weather preparedness supplies free of state sales or use tax.

The cities of Trussville, Clay, Pinson, Center Point and Argo are participating in the holiday.

Some lots in Georgebrook in Clay, where an EF-3 tornado destroyed many homes last year, are for sale.
file photo by Gary Lloyd

The city of Trussville suffered major damage in the Pilgrim’s Rest neighborhood during the Jan. 23, 2012, tornado. Clay suffered major damage in the Jan. 23, 2012, tornado that crossed Old Springville Road, damaging many homes in the Paradise Valley and Georgebrook subdivisions.

Pinson Mayor Hoyt Sanders said his city passed a resolution to participate in the holiday at its Jan. 3 city council meeting.

“We did it last year,” Sanders said last month. “Anything we can do, particularly given the tragedies that have occurred even in our own adjacent areas, anything we can do to help people to prepare better, is something that I support.”

Covered items that are $60 or less per item include:

• Any package of AAA-cell, C-cell, D-cell, 6-volt or 9-volt batteries, excluding coin batteries and automobile and boat batteries

• Any cell phone battery or cell phone charger

• Any portable self-powered or battery-powered radio, two-way radio, weatherband radio or NOAA weather radio

• Any portable self-powered light source, including battery-powered flashlights, lanterns or emergency glow sticks

• Any tarpaulin, plastic sheeting, plastic drop cloths or other flexible, waterproof sheeting

• Any ground anchor system, such as bungee cords or rope, or tie-down kit

• Any duct tape

• Any plywood, window film or other materials specifically designed to protect window openings

• Any non-electric food storage cooler or water storage container

• Any non-electric can opener

• Any artificial ice, blue ice, ice packs or reusable ice

• Any self-contained first aid kit

• Any fire extinguisher, smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector

• Any gas or diesel fuel tank or container

For more information, visit www.revenue.alabama.gov.

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