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HTMS bus driver state bus driver of the year

By Gary Lloyd

A Trussville City Schools bus driver has been named the Alabama School Bus Driver of the Year.

Harry Leach, who drives Hewitt-Trussville Middle School students, won the award this week.

“Harry is an extremely safe driver and has a very good rapport with his middle school students,” Leach’s nomination letter from Trussville City Schools says. “He takes pride in safely transporting students to and from school every day.”

Harry Leach
photo courtesy of Hewitt-Trussville Middle School

Leach has been a full-time driver for Trussville City Schools since August 2011. Before that, he drove private charter buses and drove as a substitute bus driver.

In September 2012, Leach pulled up to a stop on his afternoon route where a car had collided with a kindergarten boy. Leach ensured that someone immediately called 911, and then he alerted the transportation office. Leach noticed the boy’s mother had the boy standing up and that he had severe head injuries. Leach grabbed a towel from the bus, handed it to the boy’s mother and told her to press it to the side of his head to slow the blood flow.

“Harry’s professionalism and calm demeanor on the scene helped not only the middle school students on his bus, but also adults that were present,” the nomination letter says.

Trussville City Schools’ nomination letter also says it believes Leach “epitomizes” what being a great school bus driver is.

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