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Trussville’s amnesty day closes more than 65 cases

By Gary Lloyd

Trussville Municipal Court’s amnesty day Friday cleared more than 25 outstanding warrants and closed more than 65 cases.

The one-day event collected more than $18,000 in fines and costs, said Trussville Municipal Court Senior Court Clerk/Magistrate Melanie Colston.

Colston said there were about 12 people who called and were on the list but didn’t show up. Amnesty day “went well” overall, Colston said.

The amnesty day was for people to clear outstanding warrants on failure to appear, failure to comply and bail jumping for any of the following reasons:

• Not appearing in court on original charge

• Not completing a court-ordered program

• Having outstanding fines, court costs and/or restitution

• Warrants for writing a bad check(s)

Defendants who came to the amnesty day paid all outstanding fines, court costs and/or restitution. If a court-ordered program was not completed, the court re-enrolled the defendant in the program.

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