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Health flows from above, down, inside, out

By Channing King

Above, down, inside, out is a commonly used phrase in the chiropractic profession, but what does it mean? This phrase simply explains where life and health comes from and how it works. So many well-educated people still believe that health comes in a bottle, and yes, sometimes a vitamin or pill may help the body, but you can’t actually buy health by putting more things in your body as the primary framework. Your body was uniquely designed to function and heal, it just needs to have interference removed.

If you were to cut off the brain connection to your body, what would happen to your life and health? Obviously, it would stop. It would stop because the health flow from above would not be able to flow down the body to heal from the inside out. In order to be healthy, the brain, from above, has to send healthy mental impulses down the spinal cord and out the nerves so the body can get what is needed for life and health.

Do you remember Christopher Reeve and what happened to him? He fell off a horse, onto his head, and dislocated his top two bones. It caused a lesion on his brain stem and thus, stopped his life flow to a certain degree. This affected the health and healing in his body because, from that point on, his brain had trouble sending out healing messages to the rest of his body. This led to paralysis, organs shutting down and eventually death. Most people do not have a lesion like Christopher Reeve did, however, many do have pressure on their brain stem, spinal cord or nerves blocking their healing flow.

The concept of healing flowing from above, down, inside and out is not just a chiropractic slogan. It is how God designed our bodies to work. A chiropractic adjustment does not heal the body. However, an adjustment does remove pressure off the nerve so that the brain can send a better neurological message out to the injured or weak part of the body to heal. In order to be healthy and to heal optimally, the goal is to make sure there is nothing blocking that flow of life. This is the reason you cannot gauge health on how you feel, but rather how your body is functioning. For those who are unsure of how their bodies are functioning, there are different tests as well as X-rays to see if any bones have shifted out of place and may be blocking healing to areas of your body.

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