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Durable Defense

Trussville PD adds armored vehicle

By Gary Lloyd

The Trussville Police Department has added an armored vehicle to its fleet.

Lt. Jeff Bridges said the department acquired the mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle Sept. 12 in Fort Stewart, Ga. The department acquired the vehicle because it is military surplus, a free addition for the Trussville Police Department.

The Trussville Police Department’s new mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle
photo by Gary Lloyd

“We have never had one before,” Bridges said.

A mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle is designed to help protect military troops from mines and improvised explosive devices.

Bridges said the armored vehicle will be used for tactical operations, with officer safety being the main objective.

In addition to two front seats, there are four seats in the back of the vehicle, suspended from the ceiling with ropes, allowing for protection if there were to be a blast underneath the vehicle.

The 2007 vehicle has accumulated nearly 5,000 miles and will likely eventually be painted black with Trussville Police Department lettering and logos, Bridges said.

The vehicle weighs 37,000 pounds, about 1,000 less pounds than it did when it had a gun turret mounted to its top.

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