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Pinson annexes property for park entrance

By Lee Weyhrich

PINSON — The Pinson City Council on Thursday voted to annex property at Center Point Road and Oak Street North that already belongs to the city to be used for one of the new city park entrances.

The park is still in the planning stages and several changes are in discussion for the project. Some items from the original plan will likely be dropped and others added. One change involves public showers.

This graphic shows the particulars of the park.
file photo

“We looked at our plan a little bit and feel it would be in our best interest to drop four showers, which will leave the two handicap showers and the family shower,” Mayor Hoyt Sanders said. “We could possibly relocate the diaper stations into those (now empty) units and add three concrete pads (outside); one at the splash pad and one at the playground.”

The pads would be converted into covered pavilions that could be rented for parties and other functions. Once the pads are installed, the pavilions could be installed later by volunteers as a civic project. The use of the pavilions has been inspired by the park in Springville.

“Those pavilions (in Springville) are extremely popular, and actually they charge a fee for the use of them based on, I believe, two-hour windows,” Councilman Robbie Roberts said. “We got to looking at the cost of operation of the splash pad and discussed that with them.”

The installation of the pads would be relatively inexpensive and rental would offset the cost of maintaining the splash pad. Another system that the council is looking at to offset the operational cost of the splash pad involves charging a ticket fee for its use.

Other changes to the park design include additional outdoor power outlets that could be used during events, as well as conduit for a future video security system. Actual work could begin as early as this summer, Sanders said.

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