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Developing, sticking to your personal wellness plan

By Channing King

It’s that time of year again, time for New Year’s resolutions.

If you’re like many Americans, it’s around the middle of January, and you’ve already fallen short of your goals. You started out with good intentions, but the goals seemed so lofty, so impossible, you were unable to follow through. If that is you, I have good news. You can succeed in the goal of improving your health and lifestyle if you center your goals around wellness. What is wellness, and what does it look like for you? My personal definition is this: Wellness is when the body is working and functioning at a high optimal level, just as God designed.

That sounds great, but how do you get there? The first thing you must realize is that wellness doesn’t just happen, it must be achieved. If you want to achieve it, you must plan out and follow through with a wellness plan. This goes beyond interest. This requires commitment. You must not only set goals but must also follow through, even when times get tough. When times get tough, you have to remember to weigh the consequences of not following through with goals.

This week, I want you to start formulating your wellness goals. What would you like to achieve in 2014 that will carry on throughout the rest of your life? What would make a difference in your life and in the lives of those you love? Would you like to spend more time with God and develop a deeper connection? Eat healthier foods to fuel your body? Exercise? Get your spine adjusted? Spend more time with family and friends?

As you begin to develop your goals, I want you to keep something in mind. Think of your life as a bank account. As you deposit good things into your body, your personal account rises positively. This positive health account is something that can prove to be very beneficial if negative health does come your way. If you do get sick or a disease, you are much better off because you have been making deposits into your health account, and your body has a surplus to draw from.

You can go into more detail about formulating a specific wellness plan. This week, though, get started by looking at your life and deciding which areas need to see improvement. As you do this, remember that with each step toward wellness, you are filling up your personal wellness savings account. Let’s build ours together.

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