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Paine Primary students show compassion

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TRUSSVILLE — Paine Primary School students showed compassion during the holiday season.

Students in Donna Essig’s and Jamie O’Brien’s second-grade classes collected stuffed animal bears for the Trussville Fire Department. Firefighters give bears to children in times of need, such as injury or fire.

Gina Gamble’s second-grade class hosted a class “yard sale” and invited other second grade classes to shop. Items purchased included small toys, books, candy, puzzles and games. The children learned marketing skills and practiced counting money and making change. The sale earned $84 and all proceeds went to a needy family in the community.

Students in Debbi Gray’s, Linda Odom’s, Haley Dykes’ and Gamble’s second-grade classes decorated place mats for Jimmie Hale Mission’s annual Thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

Students from Gina Gamble’s second-grade class
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Students from Angie Seeley’s, Carly Bagwell’s and Michelle Miskelley’s first-grade classes participated in the annual Christmas For Kids toy drive sponsored by the Trussville Fire Department. The students realized that some students are less fortunate during the Christmas season. The students collected approximately 50 toys to be given out to local children.

“Christmas is about giving,” one student said. “What if I didn’t have something under the tree?”

Anne Pratt’s first-grade class adopted an angel. The class chose to support an angel tree child in lieu of a book swap. They were able to provide all of the items on their little angel’s wish list.

Angela Shorter’s kindergarten class spearheaded a book/game drive for a kindergarten class in Bella Coola, British Columbia. With the help of Marcia Segers’, Tamea Barnes’ and Buffy Bland’s kindergarten students, they collected more than 200 books and games to send to the kindergarten class on an Indian reservation in Bella Coola. There is only one kindergarten class on the entire reservation.

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