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Strapped for Cash

Rudd Middle students raise funds by quieting principal

By Gary Lloyd

PINSON — Don’t let the phrase fool you.

“Strapped for cash” doesn’t refer to budget cuts or high bills.

Rudd Middle School Principal Susan Whitehurst on Tuesday was strapped for cash.


Students at the Pinson school purchased 12-inch strips of orange duct tape for $1 each in an attempt to “shut up” Whitehurst, who hollered at them through a bullhorn in the school’s main hallway before classes began Tuesday morning.

A Rudd Middle School student places a strip of duct tape over Principal Susan Whitehurst’s mouth Tuesday morning.
photo by Gary Lloyd

Students could purchase as many strips of duct tape as they chose, and tape Whitehurst to a maroon pole between the school’s cafeteria and library.

Students laughed as Whitehurst’s right leg and right arm were taped to the pole first, then vied to tape her left arm so that she no longer could use the bullhorn. Just before the bell rang signaling the start of class, one student purchased the final 10 strips of duct tape, and several students placed pieces over Whitehurst’s mouth.

The funds will be used for office operating expenses, including purchasing items students needs, like extra clothing, school supplies and lunch money, Whitehurst said. The funds raised will also go toward office supplies, refreshments for professional development activities, walkthroughs and more.

It was not clear Wednesday how much money was raised.

“We don’t receive funds for things like extra cleaning, office supplies, etc., so we rely upon fundraisers conducted by the office to take care of these expenses,” Whitehurst said in an email.

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