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Tornado commemoration planned in Trussville Saturday

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — The Pilgrims Rest subdivision in Trussville on Saturday will hold a two-year anniversary block party to commemorate the Jan. 23, 2012, tornado.

The block party will be at the home of Pete and Sherri Blank at 6229 Jonathans Way from noon to 2 p.m.

Logan Blank watches a crane lift what was left of the Blank home so the family could find salvageable items. The contents of Logan’s room ended up in the deep end of the family’s pool, Sherri Blank said.
photo courtesy of Mandi Logan

A similar event was held last year.

All residents and former residents who moved after the tornado are invited to come together and reflect on the 2012 tornado.

Members of the Trussville Fire and Rescue teams that helped Jan. 23, 2012, and in the days following the tornado will be in attendance. So far, at least 65 people have confirmed attendance.

For more information, contact Sherri Blank at 205-577-1316.

Contact Gary Lloyd at and follow him on Twitter @GaryALloyd.

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