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Checks awarded for Butterbean Festival, Insanitarium

By Lee Weyhrich

PINSON — Pinson City Councilman Joe Cochran wanted to let people know that Thursday’s council meeting was not typical.

The reason he made that statement was that thousands of dollars worth of checks were awarded or granted to various organizations.

Clay-Pinson Chamber of Commerce Director Ronnie Dixon presented three organizations with checks for their participation in last year’s Alabama Butterbean Festival.

A check is presented for the success of last year’s Insanitarum at the Palmerdale Homesteads Community Center.
photo by Lee Weyhrich

Pinson Valley Band Boosters received $750 for taking care of cleanup and garbage collection efforts at the event. Restoration Church received $750 for putting on a car show. The Pinson Education Foundation received $2,000 from the proceeds of the festival.

Barry Wilson, president of the Palmerdale Homesteads Community Center, was on hand to present $4,386 to the Pinson Valley High School art department. The money was raised during PHCC’s annual Insanitarium haunted house attraction. The annual attraction raises money for the community center and the high school art department, and a portion of the proceeds go to the city to help pay for rent and utilities at the community center.

Roughly $1,500 was paid out of the proceeds to the city for utilities, and another $1,500 went to rent, Wilson said. Wilson refused to take any credit for Insanitarium’s success.

“We appreciate the students, they really did it,” Wilson said.

Pinson City Attorney Shane Black was also on hand to present the checks for this year’s Christmas parade floats. The Pinson Historical Society won first place, First Baptist Church of Pinson won second and Sharon Baptist Church placed third.

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