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Big goals for Hewitt-Trussville freshman wrestler

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — Heath Williamson is 20 percent of the way to his goal.

He won the Class 6A individual wrestling state championship in the 106-pound weight class last year as an eighth-grader.

The Hewitt-Trussville freshman wants four more.

Winning an individual state championship is Williamson’s best wrestling memory, a sport he’s participated in since he was 4. Williamson had been training since the sixth grade to be pulled up to the varsity level. That happened last year. More than two years of training was worth it.

“I was thinking that all my work paid off,” Williamson said of his first thoughts after winning the state title.

Hewitt-Trussville freshman wrestler Heath Williamson
photo by Gary Lloyd

Williamson, when he was just of elementary age, would come watch his older brother, Trent, a 2008 Hewitt-Trussville High School graduate, wrestle. He wore a singlet to matches.

“I was a fan,” he said. “I always loved wrestling.”

Williamson perused websites and forums last year, reading people’s posts about him not having a chance at winning a state championship because of his age and inexperience. His motivator?

“Just thinking I can do something that not many people have done before,” he said.

Williamson is always working out and practicing. When he’s home, he practices more.

“You can’t just stop,” he said.

Before matches, Williamson thinks to himself about all the work he’s put in. He tells himself he’s worked too hard to lose a match.

“I’ve always had that go through my mind, just how hard I’ve worked and how hard it is to cut weight before I wrestle,” he said.

Williamson will likely have another chance at a state championship next month at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville. The state tournament is scheduled for Feb. 13-15. Williamson is dedicated to the sport and competing for state championships.

“I think what you’d describe all wrestlers as is dedicated because you’ve always got to watch yourself and always be on weight,” Williamson said. “I’ve had great coaches that have helped me with that and great teammates who have always helped me and pushed me through.”

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