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Demolition of problematic structure near Pinson may be delayed

By Lee Weyhrich

PINSON — One property near Pinson has seemingly been a continual source of trouble and that property was once again a topic of discussion at last week’s Pinson City Council meeting.

For more than a year, a property at 6201 Kaley Lane has been a topic of the council’s discussion. The land, which is in the city’s police jurisdiction but outside the city limit, has had two “dangerous structures.” Since the property was outside city boundaries, the council has had to go through a lengthy process with the court system to be allowed to demolish the abandoned home on the property.

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That issue was recently taken care of, and the home was removed. However, the council was unsure if the court’s decision included the destruction and removal of a detached garage on the property. The council has now been given permission to remove that outbuilding as well.

A company did the demolition on the main structure, and placed a bid of $2,000 for removal of the smaller structure. According to councilmen John Churchwell and Robbie Roberts, that company is currently in violation of several city ordinances at this time and should not be awarded city contracts until it becomes compliant. The councilmen would not elaborate on the nature of the compliance issues, but only that the main issue was at their business location and “could be seen from the road.”

“Anyone we do business with needs to be following the guidelines of the city,” Churchwell said.

The demolition may be delayed while the council discusses demolition options. The entire cost of the abatement and demolition will be entered into tax documents as a lean on the Kaley Road property City Attorney Shane Black said. If that money is not paid back to the city during the next tax cycle, the property could be auctioned off.

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