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Trussville approves fast-dry tennis court

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — The Trussville City Council last week approved of a fast-dry tennis court to be constructed at the Trussville Racquet Club.

The city council approved of Lower Bros. Co., Inc. constructing the court for $59,500.

City officials said that another tennis court was needed due to the popularity of the courts in the Trussville Sports Complex. Trussville City Council President Buddy Choat said there is a “tremendous amount” of use of the courts.

Trussville City Hall
photo by Gary Lloyd

The Trussville Racquet Club already includes six clay courts and six hard courts.

The city council last week also awarded a contract to Birmingham Coca-Cola for a $56,000 contribution to the city to be used for park purposes. A new scoreboard will be coming for Spradling Field for $4,000, an ice machine will be purchased for the Trussville Senior Activity Center for $4,000 and $2,500 will be used toward future scoreboard repairs.

Choat said he believes this may be the best contract he’s seen to help with park projects. Parks and Recreation Department Director David Vinson agreed.

“It really, really comes in handy,” Vinson said.

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