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Clay will consider leash ordinance

By Gary Lloyd

CLAY — The Clay City Council at its next meeting will likely consider a citywide leash ordinance.

The city council meets Feb. 3 at 6:30 p.m. at Clay City Hall.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, Clay City Manager Ronnie Dixon gave council members a proposed leash ordinance to review. He said it would work “in conjunction” with the city’s “vicious dog” ordinance approved in June 2013.

“I think you’ll find it suitable,” City Attorney Alan Summers told council members.

The proposed ordinance states that the city has undertaken to establish the ordinance “to protect the public health and safety of its citizens and to promote the general welfare of the citizens and animals residing within the city.” 

The proposed ordinance states that it shall be unlawful for “the owner or person in charge of an animal except cats and fowl to cause or permit such animal to run at large or be upon a street, sidewalk, thoroughfare, property other than that of the owner of the animal, or public place within the city or its police jurisdiction, unless such animal is attached to a leash in the hands of said owner or person in charge of said animal.”

The ordinance goes on to say that any animal found running at large in the city or its police jurisdiction may be impounded in the shelter designated as the animal control center and there confined in a humane manner for a period of not less than three days and thereafter be euthanized in a humane manner if not claimed by its owner.”

Dixon said that a dog was killed by another dog in the Paradise Valley subdivision last week. He said in late July 2013 that 15 to 18 pit bulls had been registered with the city since the “vicious dog” ordinance took effect in June. He said that also since that time, two dogs in the city had been killed by pit bulls and three more injured by pit bulls. He said in one of those five cases, a dog climbed over a fence, and in another a dog was unleashed. He didn’t know the particulars of the other three instances. A small bird dog was killed by an American Bull Terrier in Clay in November.

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