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Girl Scouts board amends ‘limited use’ resolution

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — The Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama Board of Directors on Wednesday voted to amend the “limited use” basis resolution.

The amendment comes as a result of the need to use a camp as a cookie storage and distribution center.

Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama Communications Coordinator Robyn Tucker said Camp Coleman in Trussville, as well as Camp Trico, Camp Anderel and Camp Tombigbee, will now be used “in any way that benefits the Council.”

Camp Coleman in Trussville
file photo

The Trussville camp is still open on a “limited use” basis.

“The board decided we should be able to use it for other purposes as well, not just troop camping,” Tucker said in an email.

Camp Coleman re-opened Jan. 15 on a “limited use” basis. The Board of Directors on Nov. 20 unanimously approved a resolution to allow the closed and rested camps to be re-opened on a limited use basis. “Limited use” means that no staff, instructors or services will be provided and that troops will be responsible for bringing their own equipment and supplies.

The Girl Scouts camps will remain open pending the outcome of the re-evaluation and strategic planning process. The Board of Directors in May 2013 approved an amendment to its three-phase property plan, which rested Camp Coleman instead of closing it permanently. At the May 9, 2012, Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama Board of Directors meeting, a 13-4 board vote approved of divesting the Camp Coleman property as part of Phase 2 of the group’s property plan.

Camp Coleman, in continuous use for nearly 89 years, consists of 34 wooden structures and outbuildings constructed between 1925 and 1994.

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