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ALDOT road conditions for Jefferson, St. Clair and Shelby counties

Brian Davis of the Alabama Department of Transportation is urging motorist not to drive, at least before noon Wednesday.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that road conditions have not improved and urging motorist not to drive.

“No roads are officially closed,” Sgt. Jack Self said. “However, they are not passable. We are ready to respond to emergencies, but would prefer people not create them unnecessarily. Additional accidents or abandoned vehicles will hamper the clearing process and prevent sand trucks and emergency vehicles from accessing trouble spots.”

“It does not look like road conditions will improve much today,” department officials said via Facebook. “There may be a window this afternoon, but that is doubtful as temps are not expected to rise much above freezing.”

Here’s a list of state road conditions in Jefferson, St. Clair and Shelby counties.

I-65 Northbound — Watch for ice between mile marker 275 and 283. Drive with caution.

I-459 Northbound — Ramp to I-20 (Exit 29) is closed due to ice.

I-65 Northbound — Watch for ice on the roadway near U.S. 31 (Exit 252). Drive with caution.

All interstate routes in Jefferson and Shelby counties — Watch for ice on bridges and roadways. Drive with caution.

I-20 near Chula Vista exit (MP 153) westbound is open. Motorists are urged to use extreme caution as icy patches still remain. ALDOT crews are treating roadway surfaces.

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