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JeffCo will ‘try to avoid’ towing abandoned vehicles

By Gary Lloyd

JEFFERSON COUNTY — The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has not towed any vehicle that was abandoned during this week’s storm and will try to avoid doing so unless it’s an absolute necessity.

“Before any towing takes place we will attempt to notify the registered owner and have them retrieve the vehicle,” Chief Deputy Randy Christian said. “In the event that a vehicle must be towed the owner will not incur any expense. Our first option will be to just move the vehicle to a nearby parking lot so those that find their vehicle moved should look to nearby parking areas first. If that isn’t an option and the vehicle has to be taken to a towing lot, you should contact the sheriff’s office at 205-325-1450 for information on the location of your vehicle and how to pick it up.”

Cars are abandoned on Chalkville Mountain Road on Tuesday
photo courtesy of Keith Kennedy

Christian said there are “literally thousands of stranded vehicles throughout the area.”

He said conditions are improving by the minute and hopefully by Thursday afternoon will be much closer to normal as the temperatures rise above freezing combined with the work of various road crews.

For people that have vehicles stranded close to home and can determine that the street is safe, go ahead and retrieve that vehicle, Christian said. Others are encouraged to wait until the afternoon when the temperature has risen above freezing. Caution should still be exercised as there may still be patches of ice and will most certainly be other vehicles parked along the way, Christian said.

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