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More snow? Relax, Jefferson County barely reaches the Southern edge

TRUSSVILLE — A new European weather model indicates an Alabama Winter Storm — Part Deux could show up in north Alabama next week, but state meteorologists aren’t biting. Alabamians, fresh off a paralyzing “dusting” of snow, might be a little skeptical.

The new model shows Jefferson County just below the southern edge of a possible winter disturbance next week, which means we shouldn’t see much of anything locally, right? Pardon our frostbitten readers if they decide to keep an extremely close eye on the model. Snakebites, like frostbite, don’t leave the memory quickly, certainly not in less than a week.

Huntsville meteorologist Jason Simpson of WHNT wrote in his weather blog that “Winter is not over…by a long shot.”

However, Simpson was not ready to send viewers to the grocery store to stock up on bread and milk, either.

“Will it snow again?” Simpson blogged. “I don’t know, but it’s a possibility if you believe the guidance. Last night’s European model went bonkers with a huge snow for the Tennessee Valley. Before you look at it, understand that it’s only a model. I really don’t have any confidence that this is a real possibility; what it does show us is that while the over-all weather pattern is changing, it may not be improving much.”

As metro Birmingham tries to return to normal, you can bet everyone in the area will be keeping an eye to the north. After all, the words, “relax, you have nothing to worry about,” are still ringing in their frozen ears.

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