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Trussville OKs 31 poll workers for property tax election

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — The Trussville City Council last Wednesday approved three inspectors and 28 clerks to work the Feb. 25 seven-millage property tax election.

The approval of a property tax increase would fund two new community elementary schools in the city.

The election will be from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. at Trussville City Hall and First Baptist Church of Trussville. 

The three inspectors approved were Catherine McKee, Ruth McKelvey and Evelyn Wages. They will be paid $200 each, according to the approved resolution.

Registration list clerks will be Judy Barnett and Harold Clements. Poll list clerks will be Elizabeth Jordan Creel and Judy Clements. Ballot clerks will be Faye Crane Williams and Jeannine Sizemore.

Additional clerks are John Griscom, Sandra McKee, Glenda Seals, Janice Schneider, Roy Wages, Stephen Ward, Charlotte Wiggins, Mavis Ballard, Sybil Barber, Robert Chamberlain, Imelda Gilmer, Carol Glidewell, Claudia Hope, Lawrence McKelvey, Beckie Nash, Lynda Payne, Patricia Reed, Peggy Sisson, Dorothy Walters, Pam Pratt, Eva Sharp and Reba Wills.

An alternate is Jan Davis.

Clerks will be paid $150 each.

Based on the resolution, the total amount to be paid to inspectors and clerks is $4,800.

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