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Pinson granted permission to demolish structure

By Lee Weyhrich

PINSON — The Pinson City Council last Thursday announced that it now has a judge’s permission to demolish a problematic structure on Kaley Lane.

The council first sought legal permission for debris removal, then to tear down the abandoned home. One structure still remained, however, and the council announced that it now has a judge’s permission to demolish that structure.

Eastern Tree won the demolition contract with a bid of $700.

The city of Pinson sign outside Pinson City Hall
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“We will request the judge impose all these costs back against the property as a lien that will show up on the property taxes,” City Attorney Shane Black said. “Ultimately it will be paid one way or the other. If it is not paid then the owner would lose the property. The moral of the story is don’t let your property become unsafe and dilapidated.”

For more than a year, a property at 6201 Kaley Lane has been a topic of the council’s discussion. The land, which is in the city’s police jurisdiction but outside the city limit, has had two “dangerous structures.” Since the property was outside city boundaries, the council had to go through a lengthy process with the court system to be allowed to demolish the abandoned home on the property.

In other legal news, Pinson may finally be getting a replacement for the off-road Kawasaki Mule vehicle that was stolen from Pinson Valley Youth Association. Golf Carts Unlimited has offered to sell a Cub Cadet vehicle to the city for $3,950, roughly the amount the city received in insurance for the stolen ATV. Councilman Joe Cochran believes this vehicle will actually be better for PVYA’s needs than the old vehicle. The Cub Cadet has a larger truck bed as well as six wheels to handle rougher terrain.

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