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Trussville officials on impending weather: ‘Try to be safe’

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — City of Trussville officials are encouraging residents to be weather aware tonight and this week, as snow and ice are in the forecast.

“Try to be safe,” Trussville City Councilman Brian Plant said.

Plant said that neighbors helping neighbors during last month’s winter storm was a good thing to see considering the Trussville Police Department has been “pushed to its brink” in recent weeks. He said the city’s four-wheel drive vehicles was “a godsend.”

The scene on Chalkville Mountain Road last month
photo courtesy of Keith Kennedy

“There was a lot of coming together,” Trussville City Council President Buddy Choat said.

Trussville Police Chief Don Sivley said there were about 200 people during last month’s storm who helped with ATVs and getting people home.

“They were just a tremendous amount of help,” Sivley said.

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