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Designs for Hope travels to India

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — A team of three from Designs for Hope traveled to Eluru, India, last month in an effort to begin building a relationship with the Anglican Orthodox Church and work with local church leaders.

The team was hosted by Bishop John Nakka, who leads a network of 53 churches in the Indian state of Andrah Pradesh. The team distributed 12 bicycle generators and 20 water filters, in addition to leading a pastor’s seminar for 50 pastors and evangelists.

Hewitt-Trussville High School engineering teacher Chris Bond shows Ugandan people how bicycles can help generate electricity last year.
photo courtesy of Chris Bond

Two Hewitt-Trussville High School teachers last year led a team of 15 people to Uganda to provide basic necessities such as electricity and water. It was the inaugural overseas trip for Designs For Hope, a nonprofit organization founded by engineering teachers Chris Bond and Matthew Michalke.

Designs for Hope is planning another trip to Uganda this summer, from July 3-12. The purpose of this trip is to take approximately 40 bicycle generator kits and water filtration kits to pastors and evangelists associated with the Evangelical Orthodox Church of Uganda. In addition, the team will be providing ministry training for the pastors,  participating in open air evangelism, and ministering in local schools.

Bond is Designs for Hope’s executive director, Michalke is the director of administration, Joel Dison is director of partnerships and Matt Bollinger is director of product design and development.

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