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About 800 trees left to be given away in Clay

By Gary Lloyd

CLAY — Clay City Manager Ronnie Dixon said at Tuesday’s Clay City Council meeting that about 800 trees were still available from the Alabama Tree Recovery Campaign, sponsored by the Alabama Forestry Commission and the Arbor Day Foundation.

About 100 trees were given away last week at the City of Clay Public Works building on Clay-Palmerdale Road. Dixon said last week’s wintry weather was a factor in the limited number of tree seedlings distributed. 

Clay resident Charles Agnew got some of the trees last week.

“I got them and they’re standing up like the Statue of Liberty,” he said.

The event is part of a statewide effort to provide seedlings to communities affected by tornadoes in 2011 and 2012. The seedlings available included flowering dogwood, shumard oak, eastern redbud, blackgum and bald cypress.

Dixon said those wanting tree seedlings can call Clay City Hall at 205-680-1223.

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