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Jefferson County Schools will modify calendar for more weather days

By Gary Lloyd

JEFFERSON COUNTY — The Jefferson County School System will modify next year’s school calendar to include several weather days in case of inclement weather.

Six days of instruction time were lost during the snow storms in January and February.

The school system will seek waivers from the Alabama State Department of Education for those specific days lost.

A statement from the Jefferson County School System said the system is “concerned” about recovering instructional time lost during the storms.

Curriculum and Instruction content supervisors will provide webinars for school administration and teachers Monday at 3:15 p.m. to address needed revisions to the pacing guides. Revisions will address identifying critical standards to be addressed, as well as condensing and integrating the delivery of standards information into concepts so that critical standards can be met.

A revised pacing guide for math will be posted on the system website.

In order to prevent more changes in the student routines, assessment windows and grading periods will not be adjusted. Grades will be taken as students progress through the revised pacing of the standards.

Trussville City Schools will use eLearning to recover the missed assignments in core content areas, Superintendent Pattie Neill said.

“We will not be extending the school year in Trussville City Schools,” Neill said in an email.

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