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Pinson votes to change highway name

By Lee Weyhrich

PINSON — Alabama Highway 75 from Saturn Lane to the Highway 151 intersection officially has a new name.

The Pinson City Council on Thursday voted unanimously to name that stretch of road Pinson Boulevard. All street signs will be changed at the city’s expense.

The council reminded residents that only the highway name will change and numerical addresses will not be affected. The change is in order to differentiate the Center Point and Pinson sections of Highway 75.

The city of Pinson sign outside Pinson City Hall
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“We have two very similar names and it causes confusion,” Mayor Hoyt Sanders said. “Probably not a week goes by that we don’t have someone coming as far as our city hall here looking for the ‘tag courthouse,’ as they call it, on Center Point Parkway. For this reason and many other ones it will certainly clarify the distinction between the territories.”

According to several members of the council, all public comments regarding the change have been positive.

The city council in early February proposed that the road be renamed Pinson Boulevard. This stretch of highway currently has three names in city limits: Highway 75, Center Point Road and Center Point Parkway.

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