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Former Clay-Chalkville student dies in car crash

By Erik Harris

TRUSSVILLE- Former Clay-Chalkville High School student Beatrize Crystal Mirelez, 21, suffered a fatal car accident on Roper Road in Trussville Monday morning. Mirelez’s vehicle left the roadway just south of Cahaba Cove Road before shooting down an embankment and striking a tree.

Trussville police were informed of the single-car accident around 8:45 a.m., arrived at the scene shortly thereafter and pronounce the 21-year-old dead upon arrival.

Authorities aren’t sure if slick roadways caused Mirelez, who carried no passengers, to loose control of her Mazda on a curvy stretch between Smith Sims Road and the Cahaba Cove subdivision.

There is no known witness to the crash, according to Lieutenant Jeff Bridges of the Trussville Police Department. Bridges stated that a person driving up their driveway spotted the wrecked Mazda Monday morning and notified the authorities.

Police aren’t sure how long the young lady was stranded following the accident.


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