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Trussville man one of two charged with burglary near Center Point

By Erik Harris

TRUSSVILLE –Taylor Payton Kling, 31, of Trussville and Cialis professional no prescription Jamie Bruce Crawford, zithromax for sale 45, of Center Point have been charged with burglary after being caught in the Viagra online uk act Saturday morning.

The two alleged burglars were less than sneaky in their attempt to rob a residence in the 1900 block of Spring Lake Court near Center Point.

A witness spotted the two men climbing onto the victim’s roof in order to gain access to Viagra cheap a window. This happened in broad daylight.

The witness alerted the police of a break-in in progress and Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies were waiting on the bandits when they crawled out the same window they used as entry.

After climbing down from the roof, Kling and Crawford were taken into custody and charged with third-degree burglary and possession of burglary tools.

Both men were found with women’s jewelry and stolen cellphones on their person.

Crawford has been released after posting his $5,500 bond, however Kling remains locked up with a $5,500 bond set.

Taylor Payton Kling
Photo from Jefferson County Sheriff

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