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Paine schools’ Boosterthon Fun Run Thursday, Friday

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — Paine Primary School’s Boosterthon Fun Run will be Thursday, April 10.

The Boosterthon program helps the school raise funds and also promotes fitness, leadership and character.

The program is about developing the friendships students already have and viewing everyone as a friend, no matter who they are, or how different they may first appear to be.

Paine Primary School
file photo

Students will secure pledges toward the number of laps they will run at the Boosterthon Fun Run. Students typically run between 30 and 35 laps. Thirty-five is the lap maximum. Every student participates in the Fun Run regardless of pledges raised, and every student receives a daily character sticker and access to Boosterthon character resources.

The school last year raised approximately $38,000. With the funds, the school purchased iPads and iPad minis for the classrooms, and set aside money to help fund the installation of a rubber surface for the playground. The plan this year is to purchase interactive projectors and pens that make any surface in the classroom an interactive learning space.

Paine Intermediate School
photo by Gary Lloyd

Paine Intermediate School’s Boosterthon Fun Run will be Friday, April 11 at Faith Community Church. The school’s goal with funds raised is to expand the gardens that were started by teachers a couple years ago. The space will be used as an outdoor classroom for reading and writing activities.

“Our team motivates students across the country to get excited about fitness, leadership and character,” said Chris Carneal, Boosterthon founder and president. “We love watching schools exceed their financial goals with our program, but what really fires us up is developing leaders at the elementary-school level.”

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