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Tips, trends for makeup this spring

By Abby Hathorn

For The Tribune

Spring is finally here, which means it’s time to say goodbye to puffy coats and fur boots and say hello to fun sundresses and strappy sandals. Transitioning a wardrobe from winter to spring is a no-brainer. However, the changeover from winter to spring makeup can be a bit tricky. With so many trends and so little time, we all need a few tips to help us find our signature beauty look for spring.

Before committing to new makeup, have a beauty expert apply the products in the store or request samples so you can experiment in the comfort of your own home. This same rule applies when purchasing new foundation. As we enjoy more outdoor activities, our foundation color needs change. Best beauty tip here is to have a makeup expert color match you so that you’re not left with the horrid orange makeup ring. Yuck.

My favorite trendy item to splurge on is lipstick. With so many different shades out there, why should we limit ourselves to just one or two? Branch out with an electric orange shade, a perfectly plum shade, and even a pretty pink shade. If you feel as if you can’t pull off the bright lips trend then tell yourself that you can work that color – just imagine the office hallway as a runway. You’ve got this.

If the thought of bright lipstick makes you cringe — don’t worry because there’s a spring makeup trend for you, too. Play up your natural beauty with soft, feminine colors such as light pinks and shimmering taupes. Nude lips are like pearls – they go with everything; however, finding a nude shade that flatters your skin color is the key to nailing this look. Best advice here is to not hesitate to sample until you find your natural match.

There are a variety of eye shadow trends available to try this spring, but the key to eye makeup success is brushes. Not only should you invest in good quality brushes, but you should also invest in the right brushes to do the job you need them to do. Just as you wouldn’t use a hammer to do a screwdriver’s job — you shouldn’t use a foundation brush to apply eye shadow. Before purchasing a bunch of new brushes, research or ask a beauty expert to find out specifically what tools you will need to achieve a certain trend or look.

Whether you’re looking to punch up your makeup or keep it subtle this spring, always remember to pick a look that makes you feel confident because it’s super important to be fabulous and to be yourself.

Now, let’s flip through fashion magazines and get on Pinterest to find examples of our favorite spring makeup trends and plan a little time to shop locally for our favorite beauty things for spring.

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