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Pinson city attorney has ‘a lot of fun’ drawing city council members

By Gary Lloyd

PINSON — Shane Black admits it, he’d go crazy if all he ever did was practice law.

“You’ve got to do something else,” said Black, the city attorney for Pinson since it incorporated in 2004.

Black said it’s been a “really great experience” practicing law, especially in Pinson.

“Pinson is a special place,” he said.

But people need hobbies. Back in 2006 or 2007, Black started doodling Pinson City Council members. He drew a puzzle-piece-looking picture of Councilman John Churchwell, the chair of the city’s Annexation Committee, standing with a map. Black and Churchwell laughed about it.

Pinson City Attorney Shane Black shows his drawing of the Pinson City Council.
submitted photo

“It was fun to do,” Black said.

Last year, Black thought it would be a good idea to draw the entire Pinson City Council. It took him about five or six hours to sketch the caricatures of the five city council members and mayor, and then color the picture with colored pencils. He tried to draw each person with an emphasis on what his or her focus has been while in office.

Councilman Joe Cochran, the chair of the Public Safety Committee, holds a microphone and wears a badge. Churchwell looks at a map. Councilman Robbie Roberts, who was instrumental in starting the Pinson Public Library, flips through a book. Councilwoman Dawn Tanner, who chairs the Finance Committee, looks through bills. Councilwoman Joy McCain, chair of the Enhancement Committee, holds a candy cane to reference the Christmas parade and a movie reel. Mayor Hoyt Sanders stands in the middle of the picture, his hands raised in the air.

“It was a lot of fun doing it,” Black said.

The picture is at Pinson City Hall, given to the city council earlier this year as a gift. Black said he’s become attached to Pinson, the community he’s worked with for the past 10 years.

“It’s been a real joy to represent Pinson,” he said. “I’ve really enjoyed that representation. These guys have worked really hard. I’ve gotten to know them really well, and I just wanted to do something to kind of show my appreciation for it.”

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