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Camp Coleman getting more than $16,000 for ‘critical’ needs

By Gary Lloyd

BIRMINGHAM — The Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama Board of Directors voted May 10 to approve of funding a list of needs identified as “critical to the continued operation of the formerly rested camps.”

Camp Gertrude Coleman in Trussville will get $16,710 toward its critical needs, the most of any of the three camps listed in a report getting critical needs. Camp Trico is getting $9,760 and Camp Tombigbee is receiving $725.

Camp Coleman needed $2,000 for seasonal staff for grounds maintenance from May through September, $1,000 for basic maintenance supplies and $1,000 for dumpster service. LP gas for hot water is a $3,000 expense, fire extinguisher inspection service was $800, critical repairs cost $500 and various permits cost $900.

Camp Coleman in Trussville
file photo by Gary Lloyd

The repairing of equipment and service vehicles totaled $160, a battery for AED cost $350, swimming pool operation was $2,000, and repair and inspection services for ropes course was $5,000.

“Some of this comes from them not being in use continuously, and some of it is routine maintenance we need to be able to do to keep the camps running effectively and to the standards we want our campers to experience,” said Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama Communications Manager Robyn Tucker.

The board of directors also approved to allow program and supervisory staff for any event or activity that generates sufficient revenue to cover the staff expenses at the formerly rested camps.

At the May 9, 2012, Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama Board of Directors meeting, a 13-4 board vote approved of divesting the Camp Coleman property as part of Phase 2 of the group’s property plan. The board of directors in May 2013 approved an amendment to its three-phase property plan, which rested Camp Coleman instead of closing it permanently.

The board of directors on Nov. 20, 2013 unanimously approved a resolution to allow the closed and rested camps to be re-opened on a limited use basis. “Limited use” means that no staff, instructors or services will be provided and that troops will be responsible for bringing their own equipment and supplies. Camp Coleman re-opened Jan. 15 on a “limited use” basis.

Camp Coleman, in continuous since 1925, consists of 34 wooden structures and outbuildings constructed between 1925 and 1994.

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