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Step taken to improve Pinson Valley football field

By Gary Lloyd

HOMEWOOD — The Jefferson County Board of Education last Thursday took steps toward repairing the football field at Willie Adams Stadium, on the Pinson Valley High School campus.

The board also took the first step toward planning for a new practice field adjacent to the school.

The board awarded a contract to civil engineering firm LBYD to assess the situation with the current field and plan for the practice field.

The field at Willie Adams Stadium
photo by Gary Lloyd

“The recommendation is made to appoint LBYD engineers to design plans and specifications to improve and expand the athletic fields at Pinson Valley High School,” the approved memorandum states. “There are no practice fields for football, soccer, and band, and the main football field is insufficient to meet the current physical demands of the school’s programs. In addition, the campus is ‘landlocked’ and prevents any expansion to meet current and future needs.”

Jefferson County Board of Education President Jennifer Parsons said the field is in “much need of repair” and the board should be “proactive” in making sure the field is safe for athletes and band members. Board member Tommy Little said the field will be “torn up” by season’s end.

The Pinson Valley varsity football team has been practicing at the field behind the Old Rock School. Jefferson County Athletics Director Ken Storie said repairs could begin quickly once a plan of action is determined.

“We have a contractor on bid up to a certain amount, and we could start very quickly,” Storie said.

Pinson Mayor Hoyt Sanders and Pinson City Councilman Joe Cochran were on hand for last week’s meeting. The council has discussed putting artificial turf on the field, with the cost to be split between the city and the board of education in return for increased access for youth sports programs, similar to an agreement at Clay-Chalkville High School that was approved last week.

Interim Superintendent Bobby Neighbors, though, warned Sanders and Cochran to proceed with caution, to see how the agreement works out at Clay-Chalkville first.

Regardless of the solution, the field needs to be repaired quickly.

“We do need it done before the fall,” Sanders said.

Neighbors said a solution will be “expedited,” probably in the next few weeks. Pinson Valley’s first home football game is Aug. 29 against Oneonta.

“That’s our goal, to get that done,” Neighbors said.

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