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Another hearing set on Clay vicious dog ordinance

By Gary Lloyd

CLAY — Another hearing has been set regarding the vicious dog ordinance in Clay.

The hearing will be Sept. 2 at 9 a.m. at the Jefferson County Courthouse, in Room 360, Judge Joseph Boohaker’s courtroom.

A Facebook event calls the hearing a “Trial to Overturn BSL in Clay, AL.”

Clay City Manager Ronnie Dixon said it is a hearing on the plaintiff to dismiss, not a trial on the ordinance itself. He said that if a trial does happen, it might be in a year or longer.

“Rather than have a trial a motion to dismiss would allow the judge to throw it out without testimony because of a procedural matter,” Dixon said in an email.

The Facebook event information says, “We are there as an act of solidarity with the plaintiffs. We are there to show the judge that we don’t want BSL and that this matters a great deal to a great many people. We are there to show them that we are normal, everyday people who are responsible dog owners & WE ARE THE MAJORITY.”

“BSL” refers to breed-specific legislation.

“A win will set legal precedent upon which all other ordinances can be litigated or ruled unlawful,” the Facebook event states.

The Clay City Council in June 2013 approved the “vicious dog” ordinance, which bans pit bulls and other “vicious dogs” in city limits. Mary and Stephen Schreiner are plaintiffs in the court case.

“Please join us in support of our beloved breed and the amazing couple who stood up in defense of their dogs and YOUR dogs, the Schreiners…,” the Facebook event states.

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