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11 Trussville employees complete personnel board certifications

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — The Training and Development Department of the Personnel Board of Jefferson County announced that 148 individual Merit System employees have successfully completed certificate programs, and 11 are from Trussville.

All were recognized June 5 at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Birmingham Police Chief A.C. Roper was the keynote speaker.

From left are Frank Jones, Matthew Richardson, William Caldwell, Darren Dukes, Barry Jones, Lorren Oliver, Chris Schmohl, Albert Tinney, Thomas Sills, Heather Lawrence and Christopher Franklin.
photo courtesy of Jerry Roethig

The Supervisor Certificate program provides a foundation of supervisory knowledge and skills applicable to a broad range of positions.  Supervisors and supervisory candidates from all job classes share knowledge and experience, and gain exposure to new perspectives, attitudes and ideas.

Earning the Supervisor Certificate from Trussville Fire and Rescue were the following: firefighter/EMT William Caldwell, Lt. Daniel Clark, Lt. Darren Dukes, firefighter/EMT Barry Jones, firefighter Matthew Richardson, Battalion Chief Chris Schmohl and firefighter/EMT Thomas Sills. Also earning the Supervisor Certificate were Public Works Supervisor Frank Jones and Trussville Police Department Public Safety Dispatcher Heather Lawrence.

The MPACT program is the newest leadership training program. Participants completed this nine-month program by attending 65 hours of training classes on trust, communication, accountability and more. They also posted management issues on an electronic forum, interacted with guest speakers, visited local businesses, and completed a project designed to improve their department and jurisdiction.

Earning the MPACT certificate were Trussville Fire and Rescue firefighter Christopher Franklin and Trussville Fire and Rescue Captain Albert Tinney.

The Basic Computer Skills Certificate program provides a foundation of computer skills for all employees. Basic Microsoft programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access are required, while the elective components allow participants to customize a program that works best for them. Participants must also complete a data entry test that validates their new skills.

Training and developing the Merit System employees is a key driver for the Personnel Board of Jefferson County.

“The Supervisor Certificate Program, Basic Computer Skills Certificate Program and MPACT programs are great tools that enable our supervisors and future supervisors from across the Merit System to enhance their leadership and computer skills,” said Personnel Board of Jefferson County Director Lorren Oliver. “We are very proud of the time and effort that this class has applied toward their goals, and we are hopeful that their accomplishments will have a positive effect on their jurisdictions.”

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