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$10,000 raised for Three Hots & A Cot

By Gary Lloyd

BIRMINGHAM — The Vettes-4-Vets Club will be presenting a $10,000 check to Three Hots & A Cot in Birmingham on Tuesday, July 8.

The club raised the money at Talladega Speedway over Memorial Day weekend.

Vettes-4-Vets has been partnering with Three Hots & A Cot for nearly five years in supporting the veterans of Alabama.

“We are humbled and buy priligy honored that (Vettes-4-Vets) continues to Viagra cialis online pharmacy serve by partnering with us as we serve those who have served this nation,” said J.D. Simpson, president of Three Hots & A Cot.

Three Hots & A Cot was founded in 2009 and one of its locations, Buy levitra no prescription the Ryan Winslow Veterans Center, is located in the Chalkville area.

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