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Accessory, clothing tips for back-to-school shopping

By Abby Hathorn

Summer break is coming to an end, which means it’s time to gear up for school’s fall term.

Although the idea of getting back in the swing of school is no fun, shopping for new things is. With everything on sale from classroom essentials to apparel, now is the time to get more bang for your buck. To get you started, here are a few money-saving tips.

Take advantage of the great deals on school supplies and buy in bulk. This tip will also save you a trip to the store for another binder, if you lose one like I’m prone to do. So, pick up a few extras while prices are mega pocketbook friendly.

Get an ultimate haul of new clothes by setting a back-to-school budget and by shopping the sales. If your budget is tight or you have limited time to shop, freshen up your current wardrobe with new and trendy accessories. Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner “Pinner” and thrift shop for cute pieces to do-it-yourself with your besties. Also, be honest with yourself. If you don’t see yourself dressing up every day for school, invest in more practical and comfortable clothes.

You’re never too old to carry a lunch box. I learned this lesson really quickly while getting geared up for my college commute. Take time to find a lunch box that is not only adorable but also functional. Make sure the lunch box you or your student picks will have enough room to comfortably fit a lunch and snacks because no one likes a smooshed PB&J and crushed potato chips. If you already have a great lunch box, but it has seen better days, find a local shop that offers monogramming. Talk with store associates about adding patches or a cutesy monogram.

Search for store coupons online and compare prices of the items you need using the local sales papers.

And last but not least, take advantage of Alabama’s tax free weekend, scheduled for Aug. 1-3.

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