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Trussville may lower Deerfoot Parkway speed limit

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — The Trussville City Council on Tuesday will consider lowering the speed limit on Deerfoot Parkway.

According to Tuesday’s preliminary agenda, there is a resolution to set the speed limit on Deerfoot Parkway at 45 mph.

Deerfoot Parkway in Trussville
file photo by Gary Lloyd

Much of Deerfoot Parkway is currently set at 50 mph. The speed limit from the Clay side of Deerfoot Parkway up to NorthPark Baptist Church is 55 mph, then it drops 50 mph at the church. It remains 50 mph from that point up until about a half mile before Deerfoot Parkway intersects with U.S. Highway 11, where the speed limit drops to 40 mph.

The city council on Tuesday will also consider a resolution to resurface Deerfoot Parkway from Interstate 59 to Old Springville Road.

The meeting is Tuesday at 6 p.m. at Trussville City Hall.

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