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Gun range planned for Deerfoot Parkway

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — An indoor gun range and gun store is being planned for Deerfoot Parkway in Trussville.

Sheepdog Firearms Inc. has developed a Facebook page, and on it the company states it is coming to the area in the spring of 2015, possibly as early as March.

A rendering of what Sheepdog Firearms Inc. could look like
photo courtesy of Sheepdog Firearms Inc. Facebook page

The Facebook page states that the business will include three shooting ranges — a 15-yard pistol range, a 25-yard range and a 50-yard range — an archery range, and a gun store including a gun rental and test center.

A post on the Facebook page states that the business will be located on Deerfoot Parkway, about 3/4 of a mile past Hewitt-Trussville High School on the same side of the road. It wasn’t immediately clear if that distance is back toward U.S. Highway 11 or toward Clay.

Commercialization of Deerfoot Parkway is increasing.

An “upscale commercial development” is planned for land owned by Moore Oil Company at the intersection of Deerfoot Parkway and Husky Parkway. A funeral home will likely be constructed on Deerfoot Parkway near U.S. Highway 11. A 190-foot cell tower is likely to be constructed on Deerfoot Parkway to fill a gap in coverage. Signs along Deerfoot Parkway have suggested a new cleaners business and a church are in the future.

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