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Helping high blood pressure naturally, Part 2

By Channing King

Health is something that we all want, but rarely do people achieve the health they desire. One big obstacle to great health is often directly related to blood pressure. So many people struggle with blood pressure issues. I hope to help. Many people suffer or die early because they don’t know how to take the steps to have great heart health. I don’t want you to be one of them. Let’s build on what we talked about last time.

What can mummies teach us about blood pressure? You read that right. Mummies. The Egyptians’ preserved bodies have taught us much about blood pressure. Western science dissected the blood vessels of mummies and discovered scarring. The scarring was due to eating too much corn and grain. That type of diet is a lot like the diet of people today. We’ve been taught to eat diets consisting of low or no fat. This type of diet causes inflammation in the body and raises blood pressure. Contrary to popular belief, we actually need good fat and good carbs in order to be healthy.

The second health tip for normal blood pressure is to stay hydrated. Many people walk around dehydrated because of all the stimulants they’re taking in, like coffee, soda, tea and more. These types of drinks not only cause dehydration, but also thicken the blood and make it harder on the heart. It’s a good idea to drink one to two cups of water for every cup of coffee you ingest to balance out the hydration that you’re losing. Another good idea is to drink half caffeinated and half decaffeinated to make it easier on the body.

I bet it’s no surprise to you that stress can negatively affect your blood pressure. When you’re stressed, your sympathetic nervous system is stimulated. This part of your nervous system was designed to be used more when running from a bear or a fire, not just daily living. When your sympathetic nervous system is overstimulated, it causes constriction of your blood vessels, high blood pressure and an overworked adrenal gland. A couple signs of an overworked adrenal gland is dizziness from a sit to stand position or if bright light bothers your eyes.

Lastly, a culprit to your blood pressure issues could be a syndrome called Syndrome X. This syndrome is most often seen in people that are overweight. These people have trouble getting insulin into their cells, causing their bodies to be high in insulin and elevated blood fat, which leads to high blood pressure. People who struggle with this tend to eat a lot of bad carbs like cookies, pasta, breads and refined flours. A couple tips to lower blood pressure in this area are to start adding flax oil, eliminate bad carbs and add good minerals to help with the sugar addiction.

I hope you take steps to lower your blood pressure naturally. This only makes sense and helps you get and stay healthy.

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