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Trussville school board honors AP Scholars

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — The Trussville City Board of Education on Monday honored Hewitt-Trussville High School AP Scholars.

The high school had 51 AP Scholars that received a score of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams. 

They are Onika Abrams, Brian Acton, Jonathan Adams, Jessica Bacon, Rachel Bailes, Dalton Bednar, Bethany Burgess, Joseph Cauble, Kyle Degreen, Spencer Ellis, Jonathan Ennis, Chandler Findley, Alex Fulton, Nick Garrett, Kent Gunn, Brooklyn Hacker, Nicole Hardesty, Erianna Hill, Leland Jen, Stephanie Jones, Joseph Kerns, Melissa Lawrence, Jessica Lyster, Hope May, Taylor McLean, Vishal Modi, Chris Morton, Callie Olszak, Coleton Parks, Payal Patel, Rebecca Percy, Julianna Pierce, Madison Plyman, Makenzie Plyman, Amber Reed, Hunter Rich, Luc Riddle, Jacob Roberson, Nathan Robinson, Emil Rodriguez, Emma Slay, Micah Starnes, Earl Stennis, Madeline Steward, Meagan Taylor, Hope Todd, Olivia Vincent, Brandon Watson, Chloe Wilks, Dylan Williams and Jordan Wright.

The high school had three AP Scholars with Honor, which means they earned a 3 or higher on four or more AP exams. They are Brian Heinzman, Jason Stovall and Rohan Sugden.

The high school had 21 AP Scholars with Distinction, which means they earned a 3 or higher on five or more AP exams. They are Claire Brien, Scott Buksa, Darcy Echols, Carson Foster, Amber Gibson, Jordan Metheny, Sagar Modi, Andrew Musulman, Nikki Newman, Sarah Pate, Jacob Permar, Sikandar Raza, Austin Seeley, Lauren Silverwood, Gabriele Sinsky, Gavin Slay, Connor Staggs, Jennie Tanner, Justin Tully, Dylan Waldrep and Sean Williamson.

The high school had five National AP Scholars, which means they scored 4 or higher on eight or more AP exams. They are Sagar Modi, Raza, Gavin Slay, Staggs and Waldrep.

AP exams are scored from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.

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