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Resurfacing coming for Deerfoot Parkway in Trussville

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — The Trussville City Council on Tuesday approved a resolution to resurface Deerfoot Parkway from Interstate 59 to Old Springville Road.

The resurfacing will be at no cost to the city.

“We certainly wouldn’t turn that down,” Trussville City Council President Buddy Choat said.

The resurfacing will include the alignment, profile, grades, typical sections and Buy cialis super active no prescription paving layouts.

Deerfoot Parkway in Trussville
file photo by Gary Lloyd

The resolution grants the Alabama Department of Transportation the Levitra online without prescription full use of and access to the street for the construction of the project and permits ALDOT to close and barricade the project and intersecting streets for as long as necessary while it’s being graded, drained, paved and otherwise improved.

According to the resolution, the Alabama Department of Transportation now or later may be “desirous” of receiving federal aid for improvement of Deerfoot Parkway. The Federal Highway Administration won’t participate in any funding for the construction of the project until and unless the city agrees to certain requirements of the FHA in regard to its funding of improvements of the type and kind in the agreement.

The city of Trussville further agrees to perform all maintenance on crossroads that aren’t designated federal or state highways and Cialis order no prescription on grade separations along the roadway.

There is no timetable for when this project may begin.

The city council also voted to lower the buy priligy speed limit on Deerfoot Parkway “temporarily” while the resurfacing is done.

A resolution set the speed limit on Deerfoot Parkway at 45 mph.

Much of Deerfoot Parkway is currently set at 50 mph. The speed limit from the Clay side of Deerfoot Parkway up to NorthPark Baptist Church is 55 mph, then it drops 50 mph at the church. It remains 50 mph from that point up until about a half mile before Deerfoot Parkway intersects with U.S. Highway 11, where the speed limit drops to 40 mph.

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