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P&Z recommends PUD amendment to council

By Gary Lloyd

TRUSSVILLE — The Trussville Planning and Zoning Board on Monday recommended an amendment to the city’s planned unit development ordinance to the Trussville City Council.

There are a few changes from the original draft.

The recommended draft calls for a minimum size of two acres for a downtown planned unit development and a minimum of four acres for a PUD within the transitional district.  The recommendation for minimum acreage for all other areas of the city is 60 acres. The maximum residential density recommended in the downtown and transitional areas is 12 units per acre, and in other areas is 3.5 units per acre.

Trussville City Hall
photo by Gary Lloyd

The possible amendment to the planned unit development portion of the city’s zoning ordinance could pave the way for a mixed use development. In June, real estate developer Aaron Conley, Greenville, S.C.-based Johnston Design Group’s Scott Johnston and The Cottages President Cliff White presented their plans and answered questions about the proposed development, which would be located on the six-acre Wheeler property beside Captain D’s in the downtown Trussville area.

The plan would be for The Cottages, a Huntsville-based senior living community, to construct a mixed use senior housing development. White called it an “innovative product,” which would include an independent living space, assisted living space, small storefronts, a restaurant, a bike trail near Pinchgut Creek and a small park. Johnston said it would have a “retail town center kind of feel.” The mixed use development would be pedestrian oriented and would work with the city’s downtown master plan. The goal of the development would be “to engage” the whole community, not just the senior living community, Conley said.

The PUD amendment will be heard by the Trussville City Council at its Aug. 12 meeting, scheduled for 6 p.m. at Trussville City Hall.

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